Balanced account

Lesley Riddoch (Perspective, 7 April) wants “better services funded by higher levels of taxation” and asserts that “people are the key asset of any nation”.

Our major revenues are inextricably linked to income tax, VAT, oil and national insurance receipts at about £10 billion each.

Our notional fiscal deficit stands at £12bn, reflecting greater public expenditure than the total revenues supports.

So what revenue generators are going to have their taxation increased? Which people will be surcharged?

Will land-owners be targeted, or mansion taxes applied?


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Increased redistribution from whoever is defined as rich to the ill-defined needy is clearly intended.

This is not in itself a flawed goal, but a body which draws up the rules transparently has to be identified and its recommendations scrutinised by impartial parliamentary committees.

Starting from a multi-billion deficit without collateral back-up does not seem to leave much room for manoeuvre.

Joe Darby


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