Bad tactics

“Oh what a panic’s in thy breastie” David K Allan (Letters, 2 April), and all the other No voters who swore we were “Better Together” last year, but now that the SNP looks set to have a major influence on the Imperial Westminster Parliament do not “like it up them”.

The SNP has a perfect right, as do all democratically elected MPs, to vote in the best interests of their constituents and 

It is absurd to claim, as Mr Allan does, that it is a “single-issue party”, although it is true that getting rid of Trident (also desired by 75 per cent of Labour candidates), child poverty etc would be easier if we were independent.

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Those like David Allan, who will shamelessly vote for a 
party other than the one they 
really favour – perhaps one they have rejected all their life – to thwart the wishes of the Scottish people will not be easily forgiven.

Tactical voting of this 
kind is despicable and will be entirely counter-productive by hastening future SNP landslides then independence.

David Roche

Coupar Angus

Perth and Kinross