Bad sports

SINCE the general election, the hunting issue has raised its ugly head again. Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged that a vote in parliament to repeal the Hunting Act 2005 will occur at some stage during his time in office.

May I say at the offset that, in my opinion, anyone who finds entertainment in chasing a wild animal to the point of exhaustion to see it being ripped to pieces by dogs, or being hunted for fun and shot, is despicable.

The hunters will use the excuse that the animals they hunt are vermin and this is how they justify their sick actions. I’ll bet most hunters don’t give a jot about the service they provide to the farming communities. They kill for enjoyment.

I am sure these blood sports lovers would love to see bullfighting in the UK and other abhorrent practices such as fox-hunting with hounds being brought back again.

We must send a message to the blood “sports” lovers that their archaic and repugnant practices have no place in modern ­society.


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Kenneth Elliot

Redhall Road