Bad planning

Roy Turnbull (Letters, 2 May) draws attention to the incomprehensible planning decision by the Cairngorms National Park Authority, approving the construction of 1,500 houses (a new town) in one of the most beautiful but fragile environments within the Cairngorms and which will destroy the regenerating Caledonian forest and the habitat of many wildlife species in the process.

The developers have used all the politically correct jargon in their planning application – respect for environment, sustainable, local materials, job creation, affordable homes, low carbon footprint etc. However, pressures on the fragile ecosystem and the local infrastructure will be enormous: 1,500 houses equates to around 3,600 additional people and 2,000 motor vehicles using the already dangerous A9 which will be added to the growth of traffic generated by an expanding Inverness.

How this development came to be approved under the 
Scottish Sustainable Communities Initiative beggars belief. As Mr Turnbull suggests, the Scottish Government should think again.

Mike Underwood

Friars Brae