Bad behaviour

Alexander McKay speaks with such authority about the history and inner workings of the SNP (Letters, 12 November) that one is tempted to ask what happened to make him give up his membership?

Now, speaking as an SNP activist, as I type this letter I know that I’m risking the wrath of the party and that “iron discipline” might be visited upon me at any time.

I pray that the punishment may not be too severe. Perhaps, as one of the 85,000 members of the SNP I’ll merely be banned from voting on future party policies and strategy?

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Now, before the apparatchiks arrive and in an attempt to mitigate my punishment, could I ask Mr McKay to explain where in the lexicon of “unvarnished truth” does phoning pensioners to tell them that if they voted No they would lose 
their pensions and telling European families that an independent Scotland would be thrown out of the EU, meaning 
their subsequent deportation, stand?

Douglas Turner

Derby Street


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