Autumn pain

The autumn statement by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne can best be characterised as another Robin Hood- in-reverse budget.

Osborne is stealing from the cleaners to pay for tax cuts for millionaires.

He is continuing the war on workers which he and Cameron started three years ago. The brutal and inhuman package of so-called austerity is actually the impoverishment of millions of working people.

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His decision to raise the retirement age to 70 is particularly callous as there are parts of Scotland and north England where life expectancy is going backwards.

The reality of Tory Britain is one in which foodbank use is at an all-time high and working people’s wages have stagnated or even gone backward.

Millions have to take out exorbitant payday loans in order to survive and many elderly pensioners will freeze to death due to sky-rocketing energy bills.

All of this is occurring while corporate fatcats are seeing record profits.

Most of this money is being made of the backs of working people. In other words, the very poor are seeing their conditions gutted in order to subsidise the rich.

The Tories embrace this inequality and Education Secretary Michael Gove and London Mayor Boris Johnson have both said people are in poverty through their own actions or inadequacy. Toryism is a heartless uncaring ideology which is the antithesis of human nature.

Alan Hinnrichs

Gillespie Terrace