Australia moves

Australia’s prime minister-elect is going to arrive with a bang (your report, 9 September).

Tony Abbott has already vowed to immediately scrap the much hated and punitive carbon tax on emissions which many Australians blame for steep increases in their electricity bills.

He has always been critical of the wasteful pursuit of climate change theory and believes that any changes are natural and unavoidable.

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In another statement, welcomed with thunderous applause, Mr Abbott said he would immediately implement his border protection plan, under which the navy would turn back Indonesian fishing boats carrying
so-called “asylum seekers” into Australian waters thus denying any settlement in Australia.

This was the Howard government policy (1996-2007) and dried up the flow of immigrants because processing could take 18 months/two years.

The UK government should go there on a fact-finding mission since these two problems are uppermost in the minds of our people yet this government does nothing.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road


Thank goodness Britain isn’t as influenced by Australian politics as it is by America’s.

Tony Abbott seems determined to reverse many of the country’s more enlightened policies, taking the country into a more selfish age.

Angela Innes

Dundas Street