Arc still afloat

TOM Peterkin (Perspective, 29 May) refers to the “showdown over the cost of independence”.

While many feel confused by competing claims, it may be simpler to look at other Northern European countries comparable in size to Scotland, or smaller. If they can flourish through independence, then so can we.

Much was made of the “Arc of prosperity”, especially Iceland, becoming the “Arc of insolvency”. Before its financial crisis, ­Icelanders had, and still have, a better living standard than the UK in general and Scotland in particular.

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It may be relevant that Iceland did not bail out failing banks and put some bankers in prison compared with the UK, which bailed out banks and allowed bonuses to continue.   

Denmark and Finland are much closer in size to Scotland. They have had problems and found their own ways to deal with them. Their citizens may pay high taxes on high incomes but, compared to us, they prosper in their normality.

David Stevenson

Blacket Place


I DISAGREE with the claim by the Better Together campaign that the best way for the UK nations to be together is through central government in Westminster.

I much prefer the Scandinavian model where the individual nations are independent and retain their true national identity with control over their economies and resources, while co-operating and working together with their neighbours where this would benefit all concerned.

No single nation has policies imposed on it unless they are in agreement.

I sincerely hope this will be the situation between the British nations after the referendum.

Jim Carson


Balerno, Edinburgh