Appeasing Gaia

The Victorian polymath GK Chesterton claimed that “when people stop believing in orthodox religion, rather than believe in nothing, they will believe in anything”.

As we daily bear witness, the eschatological green cult of man-made global warming has arrived to fill the void created by the decline of European Christianity. Its priesthood, the United Nations Climate Change Panel, anathemise “deniers” who question its certainties and it predicts imminent doom if the prescribed sacrifices are not made. 

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The great advantage of advocating an unscientific idea is that it is imperious to scientific refutation so that all events, no matter how unrelated, can be blamed on global warming. It attracts wealthy adherents such as Prince Charles and Al Gore because it is the poor who pay the price and their deaths from hypothermia mollify the earth goddess Gaia.

Dr John Cameron

St Andrews, Fife