Anthem issues

The Scottish Football Association have the right, no doubt, to consult their members on their 
preference regarding our national anthem (your report, 10 
February) but they are getting above themselves, again, in seeking to lead the nation by the 

There is little doubt that the consultation will choose the dismal Flower of Scotland – because it is has been the terracing favourite for years and it is so much 
easier to stick with what you know – but that does not make it the right choice.

The reasons why it is not are well known – maudlin, dirge-like, unplayable by the pipes at one point and with a ragged ending. Undignified and an embarrassment.

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The SFA, remember, has form. It will go to any lengths to avoid fielding our national team in a decent strip – Union flag dark blue, various “comic strips” in red, yellow, anything but the glorious sky blue/azure and white that are our national colours (seemingly happy to let England use those for years).

Even when they tried to get it right with a sky blue and white away strip, it looks silly.

I am glad to note that the Scottish Government “has given a cautious response” to this crude attempt to bounce the nation into a very bad choice.

They know that they have the power, and the right, to insist on a measured, mature approach to this important issue.

When independence looks to be closer, indeed inevitable as it surely will be, that is the time to seriously consider what our national anthem is to be.

David Roche

Coupar Angus