Animal crackers

Now that the fun has died down over the introduction of pandas to Edinburgh Zoo, attention should be turned to another animal due to be introduced (or strictly speaking, reintroduced) to Edinburgh in 2014.

There has already been much pandemonium over both but it seems that one of these new animals is already acclimatising in its new enclosure at Gogar before more than 20 arrive (all, as it happens, with the same name – “Ting Ting”). Instead of white and black they will be all white, and soon will become a familiar sight as they amble between Edinburgh Airport and the West End, approximately half a mile apart (the equivalent of the “Penguin Parade” perhaps?)

Indeed, corporate business may be persuaded to have exclusive access to one of these white elephants in return for a massive payment (already taken in preparation for their coming in lieu of the business’s revenue).

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The public will be able to watch and, like in the old days, to ride for a fee as long as they can walk the half mile or so to the nearest stop.

James Paterson

Craigmount Crescent