Ambulance alarm

I write to express my serious concern regarding the latest diminution of the precious ambulance service in England.

I understand that in some parts of the country, in some emergency ambulances there will no longer be a paramedic… to save money.

Some ambulances are run by privateers who may count profit before the care of patients; they have to make money for shareholders and seem able, somehow, to salve their consciences about making profits from the sickness and need of their patients.

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This is another insidious example of the iniquitous privatisation of the NHS for which I worked for 40 years.

I find this incredible and totally unacceptable. Why are we as a country not shouting this from the rooftops?

From my Scotland perspective, where we have not accepted privatisation of our health service, I worry that should there be a No vote in the independence referendum we too will suffer the same fate as those in Englandshire. This reinforces my decision to vote Yes.

Patricia Farrington MBE


Isle of Islay