Alone in Europe

We live in interesting times. Alex Salmond wants to campaign hand-in-glove with George Osborne to save the union. Of course, “the union” in question is the European Union (your report, 22 May) .

Mr Salmond finds it unacceptable for Labour to work with the Tories on any issue – even when it reflects the settled will of the Scottish people.

However, Mr Salmond deems he can work with the Tories to govern Scots (2007-11) or campaign to stay in the EU. Hypocritical, but perhaps not surprising.

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I look forward to hearing Mr Salmond making a positive case for remaining in the EU while, no doubt, simultaneously arguing Scotland leaves the UK.

Arguments about trade links, pooling resources and shared sovereignty will be fine for the EU, but not for the UK. Hypocritical, but perhaps not surprising.

(Dr) Scott Arthur

Buckstone Gardens


It is interesting that Alex Salmond says he would be prepared to work with Chancellor George Osborne, ie the Tories, to ensure the UK stayed in the EU.

Is this the same Alex Salmond who attacked Labour for working with the Tories in the Scottish referendum? What a strange old world politics is!

William Ballantine

Dean Road

Bo’ness, West Lothian