All unwinding

I welcome the reports emerging to the effect that the Chancellor is considering reducing wind farm subsidies by 25 per cent, my hope being that he can be persuaded to implement an even greater percentage reduction.

However, given our First Minister’s unbridled enthusiasm for the industrialisation of our countryside, even this modest proposal raises yet another unanswered question about the consequences of independence

For example, the source of the funding for the subsidy regime being the UK electricity consumer,

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Therefore I cannot understand how the Scots on their own could continue to finance this particularly destructive policy, even on the basis of a reduced level of subsidy.

It really is time Mr. Salmond and his supporters attempted to convince us that they are capable of at least a modicum of joined-up thinking by revealing how they intend to resolve the conflict arising from the SNP’s two principal policies, independence and hugely subsidised on-shore wind generation.


Ardgowan Drive