Alcohol volumes

The “slight increase” in ABV (alcohol by volume) of wine reported by William Boyack of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (Letters, 24 January) to counter the “big” increase claimed by Evelyn Gillan of Alcohol Focus Scotland are much larger than they might appear.

Going from a 12 per cent ABV wine to one of 15 per cent is not a 3 per cent but a 25 per cent increase in alcohol consumption.

The whole business of ABV and “units” of alcohol is confusing for people. The inventor of the latter should have been shot at dawn. It appears to be now universally accepted as 10ml, so why not use it for alcohol?

What matters to the consumer is the total alcohol in the container, which should be clearly marked – not in arcane “units” but in ml. It’s easy – 20 units medical is 200ml in the real world.



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