Alcohol U-turn

Ruth Davidson’s claim that the Scottish Tories U-turn on minimum alcohol pricing was part of a “widespread policy review” by the party in Scotland is patent nonsense (your report, 9 March).

David Cameron last week announced that he wanted to follow the Scottish Government’s lead and introduce such pricing, and then only a matter of days later Scottish leader Ms Davidson did exactly the same. Given that the Scottish Tories were previously looking for minimum pricing to be introduced on a UK-wide basis, Mr Cameron’s announcement gave them no other option.

Mr Cameron’s U-turn was welcome, and it is good to see the Prime Minister stand up to the intense lobbying of the alcohol industry and instead listen to the over-whelming support among police, the medical profession, the churches, all four chief medical officers across the UK, alcohol charities and many more.

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As with the smoking ban, England is now following Scotland’s lead on minimum pricing – long overdue, but greatly to be welcomed.

Alex Orr

Leamington Terrace