Alcohol ban

Jim Murphy is absolutely 100 per cent correct in his call to lift the booze ban at football grounds. Health secretary Shona Robinson does not seem to have experienced going for a drink in the local pubs next to football grounds on match days.

Trying to have a quiet drink before the match in a pub full to the door next to the ground is not very relaxing.

Most football grounds have a social club with great facilities, used by season ticket members who can sign a visitor or friend in. and they would be spending their money on the clubs they love.

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In no way are they going to cause trouble as they would be banned for life.

This ban is treating football fans as second-class citizens. In what other places of entertainment are you not allowed to have a drink?

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon did not put a foot wrong during the referendum, nor has she since, but is she scoring an own-goal here? Not removing the ban that was put in place in 1980 is a poor advert for Scotland.

John Connor

David Henderson Court