A71 diversion risk

I am writing to express my strongest opposition to the planned diversion of the A71 starting on 7 July.

I note the concerns about contractor operative safety but feel that the diversion will cause significantly greater risk to residents, pedestrians and road users in the area.

I am astonished that this risk is being shifted to the local 
community in this way and 
disgusted at the incredibly short notice given by letter to residents in the area.

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In addition to the significant impact on the quality of life and ability to enjoy the 
summer weather in our gardens and neighbourhood, this plan will almost certainly result in 

At this time people walk dogs, run for fitness, cycle and enjoy the relative peace along the 
Alderstone road.

The diversion will bring misery to residents for a significant period of the summer 
and heightened risk to children during the school holiday

Mark my words: there will be negative consequences to this harebrained idea.

I urge the council to consider alternatives which will minimise the impact on the local community and residents of the area.

G Smyth

Bankton Brae