5-4 for democracy

On the morning of 19 September, the day after the people of Scotland rejected the separatists’ agenda and voted to remain part of the United Kingdom, did not Mr Salmond declare that he would accept the decision of the Scottish people?

It now seems that he has chosen to renege on that promise, or maybe it wasn’t a promise, just something a politician would say. The separatists painted themselves into a corner in the run up to decision day. Having posters which declared that a Yes vote meant independence forever surely had to have the corollary that a No vote meant being part of the UK forever?

Just what is his version of democracy? It seems to be one of two extremes. Either the communist version where there is no choice on the ballot paper so that the electorate will always get the “right” answer, or the fascist version where it doesn’t matter what the electorate decides, the ruling class will do what they want anyway. Is this what democracy has become for the SNP?

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The people of Scotland have spoken and they said No. It matters not what the margin was. You can be sure that if the separatists had won by a single vote, the SNP would be dancing in the streets claiming a great victory and there would be no suggestion of a re-run, ever.

Bo’ness United have just beaten Elgin City 5-4 in the Scottish Cup. By all accounts an exciting game and certainly extremely close. Will Elgin City now have another bite of the cherry when they have put in a bit more training to see if they can beat United and progress?

No, of course not, and the reason is because they came second, just as Mr Salmond and his separatists did.

Alastair Gentleman