Leader comment: Unsurprising but important news about Trump and women

Ms Fox may get to meet the President - in a New York courtroom.
Ms Fox may get to meet the President - in a New York courtroom.
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It’s not massively surprising really, is it? The fact that Trump Turnberry employs four times as many male executives as female ones and that women received bonuses worth less than half of those given to the men.

Donald Trump may have boasted about the number of female executives in his business empire, but the US President can hardly strike anyone with an ounce of common sense as a campaigner for gender equality and women’s rights. Much of the golfing world’s record on such issues is almost equally lamentable.

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So some might shrug their shoulders at our exclusive report today about the gender pay gap at Turnberry. What else would anyone expect?

But the point is that, if our society is to finally achieve equality of the sexes, it needs leaders in politics and business who will be agents of change, who are committed to the kind of values that the vast majority of us share.

Of course Trump lauds he own achievements. “I have been very, very good for women,” he once said, predictably.

Well, he now has an opportunity to prove that at Turnberry.

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