Leader comment: A ferry to take Scotland to paradise?

A ferry enters Sognefjord in Norway
A ferry enters Sognefjord in Norway
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Scandinavia is seen by nationalists as a vision of what Scotland could be like as an independent nation. Ranked among the wealthiest and happiest countries in the world, it’s not hard to see why.

So a new ferry service linking Norway, Denmark or Sweden to Scotland could perhaps serve two purposes – bringing wealthy tourists to Scotland and taking Scots to see these promised lands for themselves.

The idea – floated by SNP MSP Angus MacDonald – appears to have been taken seriously by one major company, P&O Ferries, which said it was always looking for “new opportunities”.

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Mr MacDonald spoke of “a significant boon for our economy” if regular sailings could be re-established, adding they could help retain good relations after Brexit.

There is a certain romance to sailing across the North Sea, but cheap air fares mean many will opt for a quicker way to make the journey. And the demise of the passenger service between Rosyth and Belgium suggests establishing a new one might prove to be tricky – perhaps as tricky as turning Scotland into a Scandinavian paradise.