Comment: Don't forget to be kind to yourself as well as others


Comment: Don't forget to be kind to yourself as well as others
Comment: Don't forget to be kind to yourself as well as others

Very recently, Independence Day legend Will Smith shared a photo of himself on Instagram with the caption “I’m gonna be real wit y’all - I’m in the worst shape of my life.”

I love Will Smith, and this is not anything against Will Smith in the slightest, but it would be really great if he didn’t do this.

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In the picture, he looks completely fine. OK, perhaps not like he did in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but time has passed since then, and he’s 52 years old, and you know, there’s been a pandemic.

We’ve all been stuck inside, stressed, worried and confused, are we all expected to emerge looking like super models?

I must have missed that memo.

It’s been over a year since coronavirus began, and it’s been a horrific nightmare.

Whether we’ve been personally effected, or just been hit with a barrage of big, world changing news every single day, it’s been a struggle.

Has there ever been a more appropriate time to count our blessings? To be grateful of moments we can now share with pals, or hugging a parent we haven’t been allowed to see in months.

So what you haven’t spent lockdown working out, writing books, learning yoga or making bloody sourdough bread – take it easy on yourself.

Pretty much all of us have gained a few pounds here and there, we’ve been through a lot. If it took a pizza to help with this, then please, eat that pizza.

If you’re too anxious or worried to go outside for a walk, or a run, that’s OK too.

Whatever happens, we are not going back to normal, even as the vaccine roll out continues, we are all different people now.

You, me and everyone will find a new rhythm at some point.

We spend so much time reminding everyone to be kind to each other, and don’t get me wrong, we should be, but don’t forget to also be kind to yourself.

So Will Smith, who this whole article is for because I’m a huge fan, please accept the you that you are now.

And the rest of us can probably do that too.


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