Why judges were wrong to reduce sentence of Alesha MacPhail’s killer – Hayley Matthews

Alesha MacPhail's killer has had his sentence reduced
Alesha MacPhail's killer has had his sentence reduced
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I almost feel scared to turn on the news at times and with the recent story reporting that child killer Aaron Campbell has had his sentence reduced by three years already, I’m left seething with anger!

With Alesha MacPhail’s mum warning that the depraved teen who raped and murdered her six-year-old will kill again, what kind of message is the judiciary system sending out if they can’t hold criminals fully accountable for committing heinous crimes and bending at the slightest sign of good behaviour?

Now I know that people who defend Aaron will say he’s not a well boy but taking the life of a child, and in the way that he did, I believe he should have no appeal, no reduced sentencing or even have the slightest hint of being able to enter society ever again.

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I often think we should be trying to understand paedophiles, so there can be mainstream help. However, when someone is clearly a danger and can’t control their illegal urges, then behind bars is, for me, the only place that will give many peace of mind.

I think until you have a child and realise that you have to explain to them that they need to protect themselves from dangerous people, then it’s up to the adults and the judiciary system to protect the innocent.

Shame on the judges for reducing the sentence of Aaron Campbell, you will be causing a lot of parents many sleepless nights.

To Alesha’s mum – stay strong, many are with you on this.