Why it may be time to introduce a ‘Scottish siesta’ – leader comment

Most people, even teenagers, can do with a bit of a snooze every so often
Most people, even teenagers, can do with a bit of a snooze every so often
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“Think I’ll have a quick nap.” Just writing that seems to conjure up a pleasant image. Who doesn’t like to have an occasional 40 winks?

Now scientists have discovered that people who take a nap in the daytime once or twice a week are less likely to suffer from a potentially fatal stroke or heart attack compared to those who eschew snoozing while the sun shines.

As the researchers themselves point out, this is a correlation between napping and health and does not necessarily prove causation.

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It is possible that people with a fondness for a quick kip also like to do something else beneficial for their health and that this is the key factor, rather than napping.

Further studies will no doubt seek to get to the bottom of it all.

But the idea that having a period of relaxation to the point of slumber, as a break from the stresses and strains of daily life, is good for you seems like a reasonable one.

So perhaps we in Scotland could copy the habits of warmer climes and introduce our own form of siesta – assuming we have the time.

In these hectic times, a little bit more calm might do us the world of good.