Why isn’t there any Scottish beer in Underbelly Edinburgh’s Bristo Square? – Angus Robertson

Scottish beer seems to be off the menu
Scottish beer seems to be off the menu
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IF you haven’t yet had the time to try the current Edinburgh street food and drink offering, you’re really missing something.

Throughout central Edinburgh there are pop-up stands, food and drink vans, and stalls. The choice, range and quality on offer is amazing. You can get the best of home grown and international cuisine.

One mystery however is why the excellent Bristo Square venue, run by Underbelly Edinburgh, does not stock a single Scottish beer on tap or in the fridges at any of the bars.

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The shortcoming has been highlighted by James Withers, the head of Scotland Food and Drink, and has been publicly supported on social media by Scottish brewers and a range of influencers.

I like a good Czech, German, Danish or Dutch beer as much as the next person, but it’s frankly a nonsense that one can’t get even one kind of Scottish beer in one of the biggest outdoor Fringe venues.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon at Bristo Square. If not, there are plenty of other alternative venues nearby.