Why Brexiteers shouldn’t celebrate in France’s face – leader comment

The idea of a fireworks display so big it can be seen from France to mark Brexit is ludicrous.

France doesn't need to see Brexiteers' fireworks

Get ready. There are now just seven days to go to Brexit when millions of people across the land are going to be celebrating this historic step.

For those of us who think it’s a terrible mistake that will damage our economy and shatter important ties of friendship with the liberal democracies of Europe, we are basically just going to have to thole it.

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However, surely, for the love of all things holy, Brexiteers don’t have to celebrate in such a way that people who live on the Continent are made to thole it too.

Natalie Elphicke, a Conservative MP, has called for a fireworks display so big “that it can be seen from France”.

Does she hope that French people in Calais will be so impressed that they will decide to campaign for Frexit?

Or does she want to rub their faces in it? Is the message we’d be sending something along the lines of “ha, ha, ha, we’re leaving you lot and we’re delighted to have finally got you off our backs”?

The first explanation is idiotic, the second raises serious concerns about the future of the UK with politicians like these. A third? We’re struggling to think of it.

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