Whisky lovers: Cheers to World Highball Day

With record-breaking prices being paid for old and rare whiskies – and a recent multi-million pound cask bought – it is timely that a new day has been created to enjoy an accessible whisky drink.

The days of whisky being a (mainly men’s) short drink, with the only acceptable additions being a splash of water or ice, are slowly coming to an end. As more and more brands champion whisky cocktails, plus with the growth in interest in the industry, consumers can now enjoy whisky any way they want and shouldn’t be told otherwise.

Therefore it makes perfect sense that world highball day has now launched and is, in fact, today. Set up by the team behind Larkfire, wild water for whisky, the day has been created to bring together whisky lovers to celebrate the versatility and shared appreciation of whisky in a long drink.

Whether it’s as simple as a Mizuwari (whisky and water) or a classic highball (whisky and soda), the whisky highball is an accessible cocktail that is ideal for summer.

Commenting on the inspiration behind the day, James McIntosh, managing director of Larkfire said; “We wanted to create a national day that celebrated the most simple, yet most diverse way of drinking whisky.

"Whisky is a drink that is seen by many as a drink with rules. It conjures up images of leather back chairs, smoky rooms and being scorned for even daring to add a mixer to the drink.

“Our aim is to support the thousands of whisky producers and millions of whisky drinkers who want to enjoy the drink their way.”

Whisky fans, and those keen to try a dram in a different way, are encouraged to join in with Whisky Highball Day today. You can share your highball serves across all social channels by using the hashtag #WHD22 and tagging @whiskyhighballday on Instagram.

With the news that a cask of Ardbeg sold for a whopping £16 million earlier this month, a day to celebrate a simple whisky drink for all seems like just the tonic.


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