What ‘hell’ was really like for Donald Trump – leader comment

Pro-Donald Trump campaign groups are on course to raise $1 billion to fund his re-election campaign, but Democratic campaigners are not exactly short of cash either.
Donald Trump (Picture: AP)Donald Trump (Picture: AP)
Donald Trump (Picture: AP)

“It was hell,” said Donald Trump, after the failure of the attempt to impeach him. To be fair to Trump, it’s hard to know what it’s like to be US President, let alone be impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

But don’t feel too sorry for him because, as he was experiencing what the afterlife is like for the wicked, the money was pouring in.

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Pro-Trump groups raised more than $60 million in January alone and are now expected to amass a campaign fund of $1 billion.

The Republicans also said they had “activated” 500,000 volunteers, a curious turn of phrase that makes them sound a bit like robots. Jus’ sayin’, as Americans sometimes just say.

Facing this re-election juggernaut is the Jeremy Corbyn-impersonator Bernie Sanders, the new frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.

Pitty poor Bernie? This is the US, remember, and Sanders raised a none-too-shabby $25 million in January.

But the real big spender so far isn’t Sanders or Trump, but Mike Bloomberg, a Republican turned Democrat, who has already shelled out $300 million. It may be the Land of the Free, but power costs.