Vladimir Putin's threats really are unnecessary. We already know how terrifying he is – Scotsman comment

Russian forces have deliberately targetted hospitals, people queuing for bread and children

Russia’s recent declaration that British officials are “legitimate military targets” because the UK is supplying arms to Ukraine was meant to send a shiver down our spines. But for all the gangster-like menace in Putin-acolyte Dmitry Medvedev’s words, they lacked real impact, mainly because Russia knows a military attack on the UK would lead to a Nato response.

They also fell flat because we know Putin’s definition of a ‘legitimate’ target includes civilians, hospitals, and theatres sheltering children with the word “children” written in Russian in large letters on the ground.

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Now an investigation by a human rights law firm has documented evidence that Russian soldiers have used “starvation tactics” as part of a plan to create “inhumane living conditions” in Ukraine. During one incident in March last year, people queuing for bread in Chernihiv were fired upon by a Grad rocket system, an area weapon designed to clear blocks of 1km square, as Russian drones filmed from above.

So Putin and co needn’t bother issuing chilling threats. We already know how terrifying they are and how important it is that they are defeated.



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