‘To whom should target our anger?’

The statistics are eye-popping. Ten child criminals, one as young as 11, who are collectively responsible for more than 800 offences across Scotland’s capital. Three of the ten now have more than 100 offences against their name.

Many of the offences are serious in nature. Housebreaking, joyriding, vandalism, rape and murder are all on the charge sheet.

It is little wonder that some experts believe this group is “beyond help”.

But to whom should we target our anger?

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The children themselves are the product of damaged upbringings: broken homes, lack of suitable role models, perhaps drug abuse. Should we really blame them?

Can the police and city social workers really be expected to maintain complete control over the city’s feral youths? A number of diversionary activity projects have proven successful but this is not going to help all.

The courts can mete out punishments in an attempt to distinguish right from wrong but without significant support from family members it is difficult to see how they can change their ways.

The prime responsibility must lie with older family members. Society must place greater pressure on parents to be responsible for the actions of their offspring.

Parenting is a responsibility as well as a right. Those who fail to teach their children right from wrong should themselves be 

Roaring success

Expect the scramble for tickets to begin immediately.

We reveal today that The Lion King is heading for Edinburgh for a massive three-month run – the latest in a string of big-name stage spectaculars to come to the Capital.

It is great to see these high-profile productions and that’s not just because of the financial boost to the city. They also strengthen the reputation of city theatres and help ensure we have a varied cultural 

It is important to keep a balance between the often cutting-edge 
productions of the Fringe and the mass appeal, all-singing, all-dancing 
megabucks performances like this.

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Following on from shows such as Dirty Dancing and Phantom of the Opera, the Playhouse certainly looks to have landed another winner.

It seems that when it comes to 
future blockbusting theatre shows, Edinburgh is getting the lion’s share.