There was an Englishman and a Scotsman ...

In light of recent events I would like to tell you a story about an Englishman and a Scotsman.

So there was this Scotsman who was quite pally with this Englishman, despite them having their ups and downs over the years.

Now the Englishman had been known to make the odd faux pas, running with the wrong crowd, that sort of thing, but the Scotsman stuck by him and told him he had his back if he ever needed him.

The Englishman would shove a wee bit money the Scotsman’s way every now and then to tide him over when times got tough, but as time went by the Scotsman realised the Englishman was becoming a bit of a bore.

He wanted to spread his wings and distance himself from the Englishman – stand on his own two feet without having to take orders and rely on handouts every so often.


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The Englishman was a little taken aback by this desire to get away from him, but he let the Scotsman have his way, knowing they were still pals when it came right down to it.

Then things got really bad when the Englishman made the rash decison to cut himself off from his other pals, who included a Frenchman and a German.

One day the Englishman, drunk with power and dazed from all the bad decisions he had made over the years, slipped and fell over a cliff.

The Scotsman grabbed the Englishman’s hand, but the Englishman was pulling the Scotsman down into the abyss with him.


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The Scotsman was forced to let go to save his own life and sadly walked away as the Englishman plunged to his doom.

He later went down the pub with the Frenchman and German and they laughed together at fond memories of the Englishman’s antics.