Talk of the Town: Ugly truth is we’ve plenty of ‘gems’

AS the reopening of the Royal Commonwealth Pool looms next week, all eyes will be on the swish revamped interior facilities.

But its architectural status as “a rare example of Scottish Modernism”, as noted by council leader Jenny Dawe in her monthly report, is somewhat perplexing.

Talk of the Town would suggest there is, in fact, no shortage in Edinburgh alone of functional behemoths not unsimilar in style.

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Under that thinking St James Centre, Argyle House in West Port and Appleton Tower in Bristo Square, would surely be among the other “hidden gems”.

Neil’s ingrained into our national consciousness

IT will undoubtedly go down as a little piece of history.

Edinburgh art student Theo Shields’ mammoth portrait of BBC television presenter Neil Oliver, above, now stares back at anyone happening to be flying over Bellhaven Beach in Dunbar.

Theo, 20, dubbed the “Beach Banksy”, captured the presenter’s trademark locks in just one day.

It’s all for a good cause, to raise money for Sport Relief. And with this effort, we’re pretty sure Theo is raking it in for the charity.

Dario is Turbo-charged

INDYCAR driver Dario Franchitti is renowned for his speed but now it seems he’s getting into the film business at a slightly slower change of pace.

The 38-year-old Bathgate-born star is technical consultant on a new Hollywood animated film – from the studio behind Shrek – about a snail who wins the famous Indianapolis 500 race, it has been reported. The film Turbo is expected to be out next summer.

Messing about in boats

SUMMER must be on the horizon when people begin messing about on boats.

But on this occasion it’s no lazy paddle down the Union Canal, but rather the launch of the year’s trips to Bass Rock and Isle of May.

But, we’ve got to warn you, sunshine is not guaranteed.