Talk of the Town: Keep mum about these daft buys

COMPANY trying to flog something conducts random survey alert!

Latest into the Talk of the Town in-tray is a press release from Cussons Mum & Me, a manufacturer of baby toiletries.

It has a survey which shows that 61 per cent of Capital mums buy products their child never used, all in the quest to be the perfect mum.

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Apparently, 15 per cent have spent more than £100 on unwanted items.

Exactly how many mums from Edinburgh took part is not immediately clear, nor indeed is the point.

Another nice wee brolly for Holyrood politicians

MSPs will soon be able to enjoy sitting out in the Scottish Parliament garden.

At a special question time, Linda Fabiani, the SNP MSP on the cross-party corporate body in charge of the building, revealed plans for tables and chairs to be placed outside.

Ms Fabiani was eager for people to take advantage of the garden, but seemed alert to the obvious drawback – the unpredictable Scottish climate.

“Perhaps we should get a bit tougher and rather than parasols we could have big umbrellas,” she said. The rest of us are just wondering how much it’s going to cost.

Modern art’s a pile of . .

WE note the reported scheme by West Dunbartonshire Council to spray-paint dog mess bright pink.

It is said to a be part of a bid to shock folk into clearing up after their pets and changing their habits.

After it’s given a colourful makeover, the offending mess is left in situ for up to week to, er, await removal by the dog owner.

An interesting idea, we thought, but it would never work in Edinburgh. More likely it would be hailed as the latest in guerilla art.

Baaa-d times are over

FOR years our woolly friends had come to dread the approach of April. As the lambing season approaches in the Pentlands, so did the fear of being attacked by dogs.

So serious had the “sheep worrying” problem become that a major awareness campaign was launched and very successful it has been too.

In fact, it has been hailed for all but eradicating the problem, with no fatalities reported.

Well done to all involved. It is nice to know that there are at least a few Lothian residents who now have no worries