Talk of the Town: Horseplay over festival image

THE Musselburgh Festival braved the rain as proceedings got under way with 250 horses taking part in the Crusaders’ Chase last night.

The spectacle is in keeping with traditions dating back to 1937, but that didn’t stop one cheeky Twitter user posting this photo under the caption “Rush hour in Musselburgh”.

Running down Eric

AS Olympic sprint champions with Capital backgrounds, they’ve got plenty in common.

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But now Allan Wells has revealed he is amazed by fellow icon Eric Liddell’s success – because he ran like an East German woman.

Wells, who won gold in the 100 metres at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, said he studied Liddell’s famously unorthodox running action – in which he used his arms like windmills and threw his head back to gather speed.

He said the style reminded him of female runners from the former East Germany.

He said: “It really is inadequate to be honest. It’s inefficient. In some ways, I see some similarities with the arm action with the East Germans when they used to 
run – certainly one or two of the women.

“You know, it tells you that there was quite a bit more there, I think. But he wasn’t the most athletic person to look at either.”

But he also revealed that when he won his own historic gold, he dedicated victory to Liddell.

“I said ‘if I did it for anybody, I did it for Eric Liddell’.”

White stuff for blunders

THE cost of milk has been a contentious topic in recent days as dairy farmers launched protests over cuts in prices paid to suppliers.

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Campaigners said the low prices being paid, combined with rising feed costs, could drive hundreds of dairy farmers out of business.

But it seems one city supermarket might have spilled some of the white stuff all down its front yesterday when a Twitter user pointed out its bargains in a promotional pamphlet.

And what was the low-cost item, it was trumpeting so grandly . . . milk, of course.