Talk of the Town: Definitely maybe just a bit silly …

AS thousands of rock ‘n’ roll fans packed into Edinburgh Castle for the sell-out Noel Gallagher gig, no-one would have expected to be traipsing back down the Royal Mile without powerful melodies ringing in their ears.

Indeed, a gaggle of fans was seen producing tiny orange ear plugs to blot out the worst of the din as Gallagher’s sing-along anthems roused the crowd.

So imagine the surprise when a notice appeared at the “posh seats” at the landmark concert warning revellers about retaining decorum.

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Former Simple Minds manager Bruce Findlay kindly invited his Twitter followers to have a gander by posting the picture – alongside the words “aye sure!”

Wad about this Twitter tale to warm the heart?

IT’S not often you hear tales of good Samaritans, so Talk was heartened to hear of one internet user who went the extra mile to reunite a lost wallet with its owner.

City Twitter user @antibarbie found the wallet in the street while on her way to work. Although planning to take it to a police station, she decided to use social media to let the owner know it had been found.

The message was retweeted dozens of times by users as far away as Sydney before somebody recognised it. He contacted his friend and wallet and owner were reunited later that evening.

Pre-match entertainment

THINK Hearts v Hibs was this year’s big Edinburgh football battle? Prepare to re-evaluate that, sports fans.

Returning to the Meadows on Sunday, August 19, is the annual Comedians v Critics game, billed as “such a grudge match they had to get Amnesty International to referee”.

And while we journos wouldn’t want to crow about who won last time (critics) and by how much (SEVEN-THREE), we’re sure the comedians team, captained by Mark Watson, probably feel like they have something to prove.

For example, that they can play football well.

(Comedians can take a joke, right?)