Talk of the Town: Books that don’t go by the book

THEY are precious repositories of knowledge – but how about a library stocked with books on what NOT to do?

Edinburgh finance academic Russell Napier, who penned a major study on what caused Wall Street’s most spectacular financial crashes, plans to open a Library of Mistakes in the New Town’s Albyn Place.

The library – with books on everything that has gone wrong in global finance – won’t be staffed but Mr Napier insisted it would be easy to use.

“Anyone wishing to use the library will get a reader’s card, make an appointment and then be buzzed into the property by video phone link,” he said.

Perhaps Fred the Shred and a few of his pals should club their pensions together for a mini bus and head down there . . .


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Running rings around ’em

JUST weeks after a certain US doughnut chain opened in the Capital, Edinburgh’s naval namesake has been performing maritime versions of the sugary treat ahead of her arrival at New York harbour.

Spectacular bird’s eye pictures have been taken of HMS Edinburgh’s 360-degree turns in the water – or “maritime doughnuts” – as manoeuvrability tests are carried out before the type-42 destroyer sails into her final port of call.

Boss naming up in smoke


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AS cardinals go into their conclave to pick the next Pope, Hearts fans on Twitter reckon maroon smoke should billow from Tynecastle when a new manager is appointed.

But one Hibby quipped: “Hasn’t that club blown enough smoke recently?”

Snow way they were getting caught out

THERE was certainly no chance of any slip-ups outside the Scottish Parliament during this week’s snow.


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Walkers picking their way precariously along neighbouring footways suddenly found themselves on a well-gritted ice and snow-free desert.

One regular passer-by commented: “It’s been like walking across a layer of Rice Krispies.”