Talk of the Town: United Kingdom of Scotland and Basque

ANY unionists unsettled by the country’s fragmentation after independence might be comforted by news that Edinburgh may have the chance to extend its jurisdiction south by around 900 miles.

Nationalists in the Basque region of Spain have penned a draft law that would replace Madrid with Edinburgh as their capital and have suggested adopting the kilt as part of their national dress.

Andoni Ortuzar, president of the Basque Nationalist Party, in the Bilbao region, said the matter was a pressing political issue.

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“We have a tradition of carnival in the Basque Country and I used this to suggest we adopt the kilt as part of our national dress,” he said. “I also said in a satirical way that we should annex the Basque Country to Scotland because they are going to be able to choose their future whereas we cannot.”

Touchdown at Simon’s place for Sunday brunch

THEY say there’s no such thing as a free lunch – but if the Scotland squad manage to get over the try-line at Murrayfield on Sunday there might be a free brunch.

Scotland rugby star Simon Taylor and his business partner, Barrie Brown, who launched STEAK last week in Edinburgh, are offering everyone who eats from the brunch menu on Saturday and Sunday between 11am and 3pm a full refund on their food bill if Scotland score the first try against France.

Patriotic indeed, even with the Scots’ renowned difficulties at getting the ball over the try line.

Follow the munch bunch

THE ever-more scholarly achievements of the PR world’s best researchers never fail to astound us.

We were interested to learn yesterday that more people in the Capital had named Cheryl Cole an inspiration and influence on their diet than named the Minister for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, Richard Benyon.

The research revealed that Jamie Oliver was the biggest influence on our diets, with 19 per cent of those polled citing him.

More rocket anyone?

Just to topping it all off

IT is a chance that comes along only once every four years – when the ladies can take the initiative and propose to their partner.

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And to celebrate, a pizza store in Leith is appealing for women who are getting down on one knee this leap year to come forward and reveal how they plan to pop the question.

The Papa John’s store on Leith Walk is offering one lucky couple with the best story the chance to win their very own Papa John’s proposal meal.