Talk of the Town: Things don’t change

AS snow started falling, school children tried to convince parents that school was cancelled by setting up a fake “council” Facebook page. The plot was foiled after word got around on the web. You can’t kid a kidder – parents were schoolkids, too.

That’s a bit fishy, Andy

TENNIS hero Andy Murray is still chasing the dream of another Grand Slam Down Under, making some tough sacrifices for the cause.

In a Q&A at the Australian Open, Murray said he would love to have played his coach Ivan Lendl and confessed that Franck Sauzee was his favourite Hibs player.

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Shockingly, the Scot admitted he doesn’t eat fish suppers as battered fish is considered

too unhealthy!

Let’s hear it for the tweet fleet

SOCIAL media has provided the perfect way for a busy company to keep in touch with their customers – and now Lothian Buses has given passengers another way to follow the company.

Lothian’s bright blue Social Media bus took to the streets of the Capital yesterday, with its distinctive livery showing people how to connect to their services using sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

It wouldn’t be much of a social media bus if people couldn’t connect however, and so passengers on the number 33 bus – running from Baberton to Gorebridge – have also been given free wi-fi to ensure they can tweet away about any tram-related delays.

Good haggis isn’t whisky business

SCOTLAND’s national dish and its national drink will be in big demand this week as the country celebrates Robert Burns.

So, it comes as a shock that the woman in charge of award-winning haggis company Macsween, Haggis queen Jo Macsween, says putting whisky on haggis is a “necessity for someone when faced with inferior haggis”.