Talk of the Town: Tasty art dished up at city restaurant

IT’S often said that the quality of art in restaurants is akin to that of food in galleries – but one city eatery is aiming to change that.

Hamilton’s, in Stockbridge, has appointed its deputy manager, Nicola Harrison Black, as artist-in-residence, with her work now being displayed for diners.

An honours graduate from Edinburgh College of Art, Nicola cites her influences as the ever-changing and hedonistic world of 1960s fashion shoots.

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As Nicola reads out the specials to those stopping by for dinner at the Hamilton Place restaurant, her work will also be on the menu, with offers invited.

Women’s whisky nips stereotypes in the bud

LONG associated with the stereotyped image of manliness, it’s rare to see the fairer sex enjoying a dram.

Now one Edinburgh Napier University student is hoping to reverse the roles by developing a women’s whisky.

Melissa Preston’s cheeky product has been internationally acclaimed after being nominated at the prestigious D&AD Student Awards.

Shaped like a wine bottle and wrapped in ads, her design presents the bottle as a male character seeking a female.

“I wanted to break away from the macho image without being too girly or cliché,” she said.

“Reshaping the bottle will hopefully encourage women to reach for a bottle of whisky instead of their usual pinot grigio.”

Madonna meal in vogue

THE Evening News has already told how a “flash mob” is set to gather in the West End ahead of Madonna’s summer gig at Murrayfield – but for those seeking a lower-key build-up, a nearby hotel might just have the answer.

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The Ellersly House Hotel will get fans Into The Groove by hosting a pre-Madonna dinner and themed meal without Causing a Commotion.

Prices for the three-course menu are Frozen at £14.95, but there’s no promises of American Pie for dessert. Instead, the starter will be Nothing Really Tomatters Soup, the main course Bedtime Stovies and Papa Don’t Preach Melba for afters.