Talk of the Town: Karen is a virtual mainstay of Fringe

THIS Year’s Fringe hasn’t just been a hit with flesh-and-blood comedy fans, but has also taken bold strides into the virtual world. The popular “virtual reality” game Sims3 was powering this year’s So You Think You’re Funny final, and to make sure they had everything covered the makers even created this fetching avatar of Karen Koren, artistic director of the Gilded Balloon and one of the best-known servants of the Fringe. Whether Ms Koren thinks the avatar itself is funny, however, remains to be seen.

With friends like these..

LABOUR’S past battles continue to fascinate. Former MP and Minister Chris Mullin had a full house – or tent – when he appeared at the Book Festival to talk about the latest volume of his diaries, covering the rise of New Labour.

Peter Mandeslon got one or two mentions – which prompted Sheena McDonald, chairing the event, to recall Lord Mandelson’s own appearance in the very same tent last year, when he defined the word “Mandelsonian” as meaning “subtle, strategic, hardworking and very loyal”. Mr Mullin’s alternative definition was “sleek, on occasion icy, often to be found in the presence of the extremely wealthy, the great ingratiator”.

How’s your road doing?

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WE’VE all heard of sponsoring an animal for charity – now Christine Grahame MSP is calling on a Lothians council to encourage people to adopt a road.

The scheme sees individuals, companies and voluntary groups take responsibility for a length of road, and Ms Grahame is urging Midlothian Council to get behind it, saying the local authority could reduce its rubbish costs, with savings put towards community projects. Similar schemes have worked successfully in the US and Canada. Sounds good – provided sponsors get a picture of their chosen road, quarterly updates and a cuddly toy.


ON a bleak night for our national game, about the only Scots to come out of last Thursday’s Europa League fixtures with any credit were the Hearts fans.

Those who traipsed down to London were rewarded with a creditable 0-0 draw, following their 5-0 drubbing in the first leg, and a glowing reference on Radio Five Live. One of the station’s reporters, who encountered Jambos in fine voice at King’s Cross Tube station, couldn’t help gushing on air about the great atmosphere they create and their dedication to the cause.