‘Sorry no change’ is a phrase set to become extinct – leader comment

Picture: John Devlin
Picture: John Devlin
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The switch to a cashless society is gathering pace and much of the focus has been on the negative aspects. However there is one consequence that we are sure that everyone will regard as a positive boon.

As we report today, some churches have already gone contactless and the Kirk is encouraging more to do so to enable congregations to make donations electronically. No doubt all major debit and credit cards are accepted or will be soon.

How wonderful! No longer will people who have fully embraced the modern trend not to carry cash be forced to experience that terribly unfortunate moment of social embarrassment when they have to say “Sorry, no change”, blush and then pass the collection plate on.

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And many other charities and such like will also be going contactless soon if they have not already done so. An understandable lack of change will soon no longer be any impediment to charitable giving of any kind.

Some cynics may feel the need to point out that it will also no longer be a convenient excuse, but not The Scotsman. We always try to see the best in people.

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