Send our leaders a message they cannot ignore on climate change - Nick Hawkes

This November the eyes of the world will fall on Glasgow for the UN Climate Conference, COP26. Leaders from around the planet will hold the future of our climate, nature and communities in their hands as they look for a solution to the climate and nature crises.
Nick Hawkes, Campaigns Communications Officer, RSPB ScotlandNick Hawkes, Campaigns Communications Officer, RSPB Scotland
Nick Hawkes, Campaigns Communications Officer, RSPB Scotland

Whilst decisions will be made in Glasgow all of us have a part to play. Together we can help to shape the global response to the nature and climate emergency and help to create a fairer outcome for communities at home and around the world. We know that it’s not only large agreements and targets like those made at COPs that matter, at every level of government, we can take responsibility for ending the nature and climate emergency.

But change like this does not happen without action. That is why through Climate Scotland we want to send our leaders a message that they cannot ignore. We want to bring 50,000 voices from across Scotland to the COP. When 10,000 people have shared their messages, Climate Scotland will take these to the Scottish Parliament.

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It’s been almost six years since the global community took a big step forward in addressing the climate change by signing the Paris Agreement. Despite this, our climate and nature remain in crisis. And now there is even less time for us to act.

These crises threaten our people, our wildlife, our beautiful places and our opportunities for a fairer and healthier future. Their impacts are felt both at home and around the world. In Scotland, 49 per cent of wild species have declined since the 1990s and over 80 per cent of our peatlands have been degraded to the point at which they have begun to release carbon back into the atmosphere. By 2080 our summers will be up to three degrees warmer and 18 per cent wetter.

These changes may seem abstract, but they will affect all of us and that is why we must work together to find a solution. We cannot allow another decade of inaction to further nature and our climate’s decline. If we are to deliver the change necessary and create a fair outcome for our planet, our nature and our people we need our governments to understand why nature and the climate is so important to us.

Through Climate Scotland we can show them. Whether you want to safeguard our beautiful places or secure a future for generations to come, stand in solidarity with our neighbours or see our nature protected, you can drive change just by adding your voice to the campaign.

And you won’t be alone. The Climate Scotland campaign is supported by over 30 climate and nature charities including RSPB Scotland, WWF Scotland and the National Trust for Scotland and has partnered with Climate Cymru in Wales.

Together we can make sure that when our leaders meet this November that their eyes are on us and that they are in no doubt that the people of Scotland want strong and meaningful action to protect the things we love.

Add your voice here:

Nick Hawkes, Campaigns Communications Officer, RSPB Scotland



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