The Scotsman cartoon: Trams and business to go

ALEX Salmond hails the success of trams on the same day some big business bosses threaten to derail the Yes campaign

Illustration: Iain Green

On the day that a thousand volunteers helped to test out crowd controlling measures on the trams, Alex Salmond faced a new threat in the form of big businesses threatening to pull out of an independent Scotland.

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The safety tests took place with the trams travelling between Haymarket and Edinburgh Airport. Hailed as success, the tests were carried out on everything from clambering across the tracks to embarking in large numbers, they gave the tram directors plenty to think about.

Alex Salmond could not dwell on the success though, as the independence campaign faced a fresh challenge as some Vince Cable warned that some big businesses could “decamp” if Scots voted Yes in the up coming referendum.