Scotland's square sausage is a culinary delight to be proud of, not regarded with 'sneering, scornfu’ view' – Scotsman comment

Haggis is far from the only Scottish dish that we should be celebrating

A roll and square sausage (perhaps with a tattie scone and some brown sauce) is a culinary staple in Scotland, beloved in equal measure by builders and bankers, journalists and judges. But is this “perfectly spiced” delight worthy of a place alongside Parma ham, chorizo and the like or would any gourmand worth their salt look down “wi’ sneering, scornfu’ view,/ On sic a dinner?”

Well, Robert Burns’ resounding defence of the haggis did not go far enough, according to modern-day academics who have issued a call to arms over the reputation of ordinary Scottish fare. They say it’s not regarded with sufficient pride, in stark contrast to so-called 'peasant food’ on the Continent.

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Dr Lindsay Middleton, a food historian, said “the lack of… celebration of Scottish food heritage” was such a persistent theme that she and other food experts decided to hold a symposium on the issue in the hope of changing attitudes. With Michelin-starred chefs like Heston Blumenthal putting their spin on fish and chips with mushy peas, Scotland really should stop being so shy about its mince and tatties.



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