Scotland football team's pre-Euro trip to Spain: Why the 'lads' should beware pedalos in the Med – Scotsman comment

As Scotland’s national football team flies off for a pre-tournament training camp in the Mediterranean resort of La Finca, it’s good to see that at least some of us are managing to get away to Spain for the holidays.

The Scotland squad departs for Spain for a training camp ahead of the delayed Euro 2020 tournament (Picture: Alan Harvey / SNS Group)

Not that we’re in any way jealous. Heavens no. Our only concern is that things might get a bit out of hand. This is the men’s team so they are all “lads” and “lads’ trips” abroad do have a bit of a reputation for “high jinks”.

Some readers may remember the England team’s famous – or possibly infamous – “dentist’s chair” drinking excess in Hong Kong before Euro 96, which the footballer known as Gazza later recreated as he celebrated scoring a goal against, er, Scotland

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And even lads’ staycations can go a bit awry. In 1974, shortly before Scotland were due to take on England, Jimmy Johnstone and some fellow internationals went out on the town in Largs after they were given a few hours to enjoy themselves.

As he returned to the beachfront hotel, Johnstone spied a rowing boat and decided to climb in. It was only after a teammate kicked the boat a bit further out to sea – perhaps in the spirit of ‘high Jinkies’ – that it was discovered there were no oars.

Cutting a long story short, Johnstone had to be rescued by the Coastguard and Scotland went on to beat England 2-0 a few days later.

Hang on a minute, we’re starting to notice a pattern here... drunken escapades followed by victory… but, no, that's almost certainly wrong. Best behaviour, lads, and stay away from any pedalos.


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