The scandal of ‘cowboy electricians’ – leader comment

It seems extraordinary that in 21st century Scotland, it is possible to be a ‘cowboy electrician’ or an enthusiastic amateur.

Over 100 professions are currently protected in law, but not electricians

But, as Conservative MSP Jamie Halcro Johnston has pointed out, the list of more than 100 legally regulated professions does not include electricians.

He criticised the Scottish Parliament’s “dithering” over the issue and said the first reaction of most people when told about the campaign to force electricians to have a recognised qualification was usually surprise that this was not already the case. Electricians themselves and the union Unite have also been calling for regulation.

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Electrician profession too vital to be unregulated

Industry body Select said it was “frightening to think of the number of unqualified people out there who are carrying out potentially dangerous work on a daily basis”.

The Scotsman shares their fears and so should all our MSPs.

So they should stop dithering forthwith and enact suitable legislation as soon as possible.

Electricity may not have the explosive potential of gas, whose engineers are regulated, but it can be just as lethal.