Rory Stewart is my kind of Tory – Murdo Fraser

Perthshire lad Rory Stewart is certainly making an impact since he announced his candidacy for leadership of the Conservative Party, and to be Prime Minister.

Rory Stewart chats to youngsters in Stockbridge during a leadership campaign visit to Edinburgh. Picture: Jon Savage

He certainly has an impressive back story, having served in the Army, as a diplomat, having worked in Iraq and then walked solo across Afghanistan, having been a tutor to Prince William and Harry, lectured at Harvard, and written books on history and ­travel. He has been described as like a character from a John Buchan novel.But it is not just Rory’s background that makes him such an interesting ­candidate. He is a considered, moderate voice, setting out a future for the Conservative Party that will be attractive to many who do not ­currently vote for us.

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He has already demonstrated in his unorthodox leadership campaign, with his travels round the country and his impact through social media, that he is capable of attracting public attention far beyond that being gained by some of his more experienced rivals. He has lifted his focus beyond Brexit to talk about the need for a housing revolution – exactly the sort of bread-and-butter issue that will win younger voters back to ­support the party.

I don’t have a vote at this stage in the Conservative leadership process, but if I did I would be seriously tempted to give it to Rory Stewart. Even if he doesn’t become Prime Minister at this point, he will ­certainly be one to watch for the future.