Rishi Sunak's laying down of knightly gauntlet to Keir Starmer unlikely to change the course of battle – Scotsman comment

Rishi Sunak’s difficulties in controlling his own party do not inspire confidence in his ability to run the country and secure its defence

Surely even his biggest fans would struggle to imagine Keir Starmer as a knight in shining armour, riding a medieval destrier with lance in hand, charging towards a dragon. However, given the good Sir Keir was actually knighted for his role in defending this country from evil-doers – as director of public prosecutions south of the Border – he might feel justified in taking umbrage at Rishi Sunak’s latest, strictly verbal attack.

“I believe that we will keep this country safe,” said the Prime Minister, boldly, “and Keir Starmer's actions demonstrate that he won't be able to do that.” So there! If that does not constitute the laying down of a knightly gauntlet, we’re not sure what does.

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The problem for the brave (non-sir) Rishi is that he’s not likely to be PM for long even if he sees off Sir Keir in the coming tourney. For, win or lose, knights of his own house are plotting to oust him once it’s over. And a chaotic government, riven by infighting, is not going to keep this country safe.



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