Rishi Sunak did NOT just compare Scottish nationalists to 'war criminal like Vladimir Putin' – Scotsman comment

SNP rhetoric is continuing in much the same vein despite John Swinney’s talk of a reset in relations with other parties

In a speech this week, Rishi Sunak warned of a number of “dangers” to the UK. He included Putin’s Russia, mass immigration, people trying to weaponise anti-semitism and anti-Muslim hatred, gender activists “trying to hijack children’s sex education”, cancel culture exponents who want to “impose their views on the rest of us” – and “Scottish nationalists” who want to “tear our United Kingdom apart”.

It was a list of what he considers to be different threats, of varying degrees. He was in no way saying all these threats were the same, that they were equally bad. However, a few days into John Swinney’s leadership and its supposed new collaborative ethos, the SNP’s Westminster leader Stephen Flynn accused the Prime Minister of comparing “almost half of his Scottish population with a war criminal like Vladimir Putin”.

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You don’t have to be able to look into Sunak’s soul to know that is not what he meant, you just have to be able to read and comprehend the actual words he used. No one should be deceived by such petty, childish and tedious rhetoric.



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