Racist threats against Humza Yousaf: We must unite in opposition to the ideological descendants of the Nazis – Scotsman comment

Humza Yousaf says the ‘overwhelming majority’ of people in Scotland want minority groups to be ‘accepted for who they are’

Foul, hate-ridden, racist abuse and threats directed towards Humza Yousaf on a social media platform should shock us all. However, as the police launched an investigation, Scotland’s First Minister said that the sad reality was that he was not at all shocked. “Being the recipient of online abuse has become a regular feature of my life in public service,” he said.

But Yousaf stressed that far-right extremists would “never stop me from doing the job I love, or from speaking out for what I believe to be right”, adding that he knew “the overwhelming majority of people in Scotland want to live in a country where all minority groups are not just protected, but accepted for who they are”.

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One may disagree with Yousaf on many things but he is, first and foremost, an elected politician, committed to democracy, human rights and the rule of law. During the Second World War, we stood united against the Nazis. Now, once again, we must form a united front against their ideological descendants. When they attack him, they attack all democrats.